Mission Statement

„Nemo solus satis sapit.“ No man is wise enough by himself.

– Plautus, 254-184 B.C.

Short version of the IAEP programme document as adopted at the founding meeting on May 5th, 2012
(deutsche Version) (english long version)
Who we are | Our intention | Whom we look for | How we proceed | Our Approach | Organization

Who we are
We are elder professionals from practice and science. Our specialist background is as diverse as the range of our professional experiences. We carry skepticism and the unanswered questions of a long professional life. Yet, or possibly therefore, we are convinced that from our different perspectives we will at least be able to formulate, and make people aware of, the questions associated with the current challenges of our global society: the cultural, economic, political and societal change, and the global crisis phenomena in politics, economy and culture.

We believe in the relevance of European cultural and intellectual principles for meeting these challenges successfully:  Democracy, constitutional state and welfare state, human rights, open-mindedness towards other religions, freedom and tolerance. However, these are threatened by factors like the increasing distance between political establishments and ‘normal people’s’ perception of the reality, the economization of all spheres of life, even the cultural one, and the loss of privacy in the interests of comprehensive surveillance.

We do not have ready-made solutions to these challenges. But we believe that together we can contribute to open up new areas of thinking for science and society.

Our Intention
We aim at promoting intellectual co-operation between generations and cultures; and we want to help each other to think out of the box. We want to hear what others have to say: in a network that asks critical questions about the European culture, its claims, presumptions and realty. This is not a matter of scholarly expert meetings or of idealizing the past. Rather, we aim at striving for answers based on experience and insight.

One of our starting points is the waste that threatens our culture, i.e., the production of losses of human and natural potential of both man and nature: the loss of the diversity of human cultures due to an increasing uniformity and a growing divide between rich and poor; the related loss of innovation and the ability to use the richness and variety of nature in a creative way; the loss of empathy within society due to the systemic functionalizing of the individual, and the subsequent loss of the links formed by social solidarity, cohesion and creativity; the loss of irreplaceable natural resources.

Whom we look for
We are looking for people who will discuss with us the issues we are addressing – people who are prepared to help us in working for answers.

How we proceed
We organize events on a local, regional and national scale, constructively dealing with the shortcomings we face today

  • in our democratic system,
  • in the relationships between different generations,
  • in the social organization of work,
  • in our use of resources,
  • in relation to social justice,
  • in the protection of the private sphere,
  • in our thought.

Our approach
We are independent of political constraints, financial concerns, professional interests and career ambitions: mental freedom prevails. We critically challenge generally accepted convictions, and we aim at discovering the productive potential of our European heritage: reasoned criticism, tolerance and vigilant observation of change. It is about dealing with issues – through both thought and action – in all areas of economics, culture, politics, nature and technology.

We operate as an international and interdisciplinary association that is private, financially independent and self-regulatory. The association is open to anyone who is interested and identifies with its objectives. All generations should have access to our events.