Theses for a sustainable organization and evaluation of “work”

A contribution by the International Association of Elder Professionals (IAEP e.V.)
to the discussion on the “Basic Income”

The theses presented here are intended to contribute to a factual discussion on the organization of future working environments in an increasingly digitized society. They mainly concern aspects that remain unnoticed in the current discussion, which is sometimes emotional and often prejudiced, with regard to participation in work and income.

The document in full can be downloaded here:
Arbeitsorganisation und Grundeinkommen (German version)
Work Organization and Basic Income (English version)

Theses’ headings:
1. Work as a fundamental factor of existence
2. Social integration
3. Organization of socially required work
4. Availability of money as a means of procurement
5. Individual income
6. Basic income as a total social option
7. Effects
8. Careful and systematic approach