Our Working Areas

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We are working on deficits and challenges regarding

  • our democratic system,
  • the relationship between the generations,
  • the social organisation of labour,
  • the use of our natural resources,
  • social justice,
  • protection of privacy,
  • our thinking and mindset.


One starting point is the critique of wasting human and natural potentials of men and nature, i.e., causing losses that threaten our societies:

  • loss of diversity of human cultures through their leveling and by the drifting apart of poverty and richness,
  • loss of innovative strength and of the ability to use diversity creatively,
  • loss of intra-societal empathy through a systematic functionalisation of the individuum,
  • loss of societal solidarity, cohesion and creativity,
  • loss of irreplaceable natural resources needed for our coexistence and cohabitation.